How do I set up my Wassermaxx Deluxe drinks maker?

  1. Remove the parts from the packaging: 1 drinksmaker head with pre-inserted bottle; 1 column including drinksmaker base and drip tray; 1 CO2 cylinder
  2. The drinksmaker is supplied with a pre-inserted bottle. Lay the drinksmaker head upside-down on a level surface. Turn the bottle counter-clockwise and remove it by pulling up (fig. A).
  3. Remove the tamper evident sleeve from the CO2 cylinder head and remove the safety cap.
  4. Remove the inserted plastic shipping guard from inside the drinksmaker head. Insert the CO2 cylinder and screw it tightly into the cylinder holder (do not use any tools) (fig. B).
  5. Place the column including drinksmaker base and drip tray in an upright position.
  6. Insert the cylinder into the cylinder tube of the back part including the device base and drip tray until you hear a click (fig. C).

Congratulations – you are now ready to begin using your Wassermaxx Deluxe drinks maker!