General Troubleshooting Issues

Issue Possible Cause Remedy
Water is running into the drip tray during carbonation.  The button was not pressed long enough. Hold down the button for at least 4 seconds or a little longer. For more carbonation, push and hold it down again for another 4 seconds.
The bottle is over filled. Fill the bottle only up to the max. fill line. Pour out any excess water.
During / after carbonation CO2 is escaping from the device at an unusual rate. The CO2 cylinder valve in the device is not closing. Press the button once or twice again. If this doesn’t work, DO NOT REMOVE THE CYLINDER! Let the Device stand in a well ventilated area until it has emptied itself and gas is no longer heard escaping. Caution! The cylinder may be very cold
The bottle cannot be removed. The bottle was not vented.   Grasp the hollow of the button and pull it upwards.
The button does not return to its original position and the device continues to carbonate at a reduced rate.   The CO2 cylinder is almost empty.  Grasp the hollow of the button and pull it upwards. Change the CO2 cylinder.
The water is being only slightly carbonated.  The CO2 cylinder is almost empty.  Insert a new one, as described in the “Changing the carbon dioxide (CO2 ) cylinder” section.
Why is water leaking onto the Cylinder?   Water leakage to the cylinder can happen if the machine “head” is not inserted firmly to the “column.”  An improper insertion can cause misalignment  of the excess water pipes in the head and in the column, and therefore excess water could spray onto the cylinder instead of flowing to the drip tray.  Please be sure that the head and the column are properly connected.

The cylinder is too cold (due to transport during winter, for example).
  Wait until the cylinder has adapted to room temperature.
The drinking water is too warm      Use cold drinking water