How to look after the CO2 cylinder?

The device was designed to be used only with Wassermaxx or SodaStream CO2 cylinders to carbonate water. To make sure that your warranty is not at risk, we recommend that you only use an original Wassermaxx or SodaStream CO2 cylinder for your drinks maker.


Always store the cylinder in a cool place and keep away from high temperatures, direct sunlight, heat sources such as cookers or ovens, etc. in excess of 50°C. If the cylinder is colder than room temperature, it must be gradually brought up to room temperature – do not place it on a heat source. If the cylinder is warmer than room temperature, let it gradually cool down to room temperature. Do not place it in the freezer.


If the cylinder is iced over, avoid all physical contact with it. Do not remove the cylinder during the carbonation process.