How do I make sparkling water using my Wassermaxx drinks maker?

Step 1: Insert the bottle
Wash the bottle before the first use with warm water and a mild detergent. Now fill the bottle up to the maximum level mark with cold tap water. Do not overfill the bottle and only carbonate plain water. Insert the bottle into the device then turn it to the right until secure. Make sure the bottle is positioned securely in the device.


Step 2: Make it fizzy!

Press the push button at the top of the device and keep it down for about 4 seconds to transform tap water into a refreshing, carbonated drink. Depending on how long you press the push button, you can create the level of carbonation you prefer. If you prefer it fizzier, simply  push down the button again for another few seconds. It won‘t take long for you to determine your desired level of carbonation. The push-button for the CO2dosage should automatically return to its position. If this does not happen, grasp the button in the indented depression of the button and pull it upwards.


For technical reasons a whistling sound may be audible during carbonation. This is perfectly normal and harmless. Do not press the button in overly short intervals; otherwise water may drip from the drinks maker.


Tip: If you use cold water, the drink will be fizzier. For this reason, we recommend that you always keep a pre-chilled Wassermaxx bottle of drinking water in the refrigerator.


Step 3: Remove the bottle and enjoy your fizzy water or your soft drink
Turn the bottle to the left and pull it down as shown. Now you can enjoy your homemade carbonated water straight or you can mix it with Wassermaxx or SodaStream syrups of your choice to create your favourite soft drink.


Tip: While adding syrup, be sure to tilt the bottle slightly to avoid any overflow of the bubbling that can occur during this process.