About Us
Wassermaxx offers sparkling water systems to make carbonated water, personalized to your taste, in the comfort of your home. Our drinks maker offers the perfect solution for individuals or families to carbonate tap water in seconds. We help you save time, money and the inconvenience of carrying bottles home from the store. Wassermaxx products are environmentally friendly, using no batteries or electricity, and they help reduce the waste and emissions caused by throwing away or transporting recycled bottles.

Our Products
The Wassermaxx Trend drinks maker is a modern and stylishly designed appliance that transforms tap water into sparkling, refreshing drinks - just the way you want them to taste. The Trend comes in a variety of colours: Black, Red, Silver or White, to fit the look and style of all kitchens.

Contact Us
For more details about Wassermaxx and our products please email contact@wassermaxx.com