About Wassermaxx

Wassermaxx offers sparkling water systems to make carbonated water, personalised to your taste, in the comfort of your home. Our drinks maker offers the perfect solution for individuals or families to carbonate tap water in seconds. We help you save time, money and the inconvenience of carrying bottles home from the store. Wassermaxx products are environmentally friendly, using no batteries or electricity, and they help reduce the waste and emissions caused by throwing away or transporting recycled bottles.

Using the Wassermaxx system offers the following benefits:

  •   Always available - Use tap or any water to make delicious sparkling water in seconds
  •   Personalised Fizz - You control how much or how little fizz to add
  •   Practical and Convenient - No heavy bottles or boxes to carry, less storage space needed, no need to dispose of bottles 
  •   Economical - Great value for less money, and our bottle cap with a special seal means that the fizz lasts longer – no more wasted drinks poured down the drain
  •   Environmentally Friendly - Wassermaxx bottle replaces thousands of plastic bottles or cans that could end up in landfills